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Lowell Moser, Spring Valley Farms, Minnesota:

"Just having people look, with an unbiased view, into the business, giving good peer feedback - it's really helped us to see our weak spots.  And as we look forward to growth in the future and how we organize and structure the business, their input has been very valuable to us."



Damon Knobloch, Riverview LLP, Minnesota:

“I think joining peer groups is really a way to get out of the status quo of how they do things today. If nothing else, just to think bigger and brainstorm. There are really good producers all over, and so to stay sharp, it’s really good to be involved in a peer group.”

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Darrel and Janet Gingerich, Gingerich Farms, Illinois:

“We’ve gone to each and every farm now and we’ve looked around their operations. They’ve helped us and we’ve them. It’s been fantastic for us.”



Blake & Sally Hollis, Lanehaven Farms, Inc., Iowa:

“One of the things that we talk about with our group is work-life balance – how are you serving not only the needs of your business but your family as well? It’s a pretty holistic approach that we take to advising one another. I think I can speak for numerous members of our group – we’ve had a positive impact on people’s lives with their families and well as just the business improvements they’ve been able to make.”

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Jim Rexroth, Rexroth Farms, Pennsylvania: 

“The biggest advantage to being in the peer group - it's the intimacy. The unbiased opinions that you get from your peer group members - they almost get a personal investment in seeing you succeed.  I don't think we could hire that in consultancy from any of the other consultant firms that we'd get across the industry."









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